October 18th, 2004
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Blackpool Update


Blackpool was a lot of fun, here’s some minorly cool things from my day: -

  • Bus way there. Majority over 50. Bus driver said “who wants some music”. Radio 1 comes on. First song – GLC’s “Your Mother’s got a Penis”. Radio off.
  • The guy sat behind me looked like “Johnny Nice Painter” from the Fast Show…..

    Thankfully, he didn’t say “Black”.

  • The Big One was shut! It didn’t really bother me (not a roller coaster kind of person), but my brother was gutted. It was due to this. It did re-open, and all was well with the world again.
  • There seems to be more strip clubs than what I seem to remember. Result!
  • Also, tons of pubs and clubs. Should I ever get off my arse and get meself a lady, and should it all go well. I’m having my stag do there, and you are all invited!
  • As I’m on a no Fruit Machine ban, I spent ages playing video games. One which Roland would like involved playing a ninja. It’s kind of like a gun game, but instead of firing a gun, you wave a sword between some sensors. It’s ace, if painful. A guy behind me taught me some tactics in a Splinter to my Leonardo kinda way. They didn’t work. I died.
  • It was not all new games, I also played an original game of Track & Field. Immidiate RSI in my wrist though.
  • Despite that, I had a brilliant time. Didn’t spend too much, so my mum would be pleased.

    In Other News: I’ve lost about 4lbs, taking me down to a lean, mean 13st 11lbs. First time I’ve been under 14 stone since about ’87. Result!

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