October 16th, 2004
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Didn’t We Have A Lovely time….


…the day we went to Blackpool

Basically, it’s Britain’s premier seaside resort (yes Roland, better than Brighton), with tons of arcades, “kiss me quick, squeeze me slow” hats, fish and chip shops and arcades. It’s where the whole of Britian spends at least one weekend of their life there (this will be my 4th visit). It’s where WWE superstar William Regal was brought up, it was where Peter Kay’s hilariously funny ‘Top of the Tower’ was filmed. And I’m going tomorrow. And so’s my mum. And so’s my brother. And three of his mates.

Still, it’s gonna be ace.

In other news: Anybody felt this week has flown by? Maybe I’ve just been busy.

In other Outtake related news: This post was on 10 hours on the Liverpool 10 Pin Bowling Site. Oh how we laughed…..

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