October 22nd, 2004
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Fashion Sense


Hollyoaks is filmed near us. For you Yanks out there, Hollyoaks is the only soap I kinda watch – largely due to the ladies on there being gorgeous. Even then, I’m not a huge fan – only since I hugged Izzy on a drunken night out in Liverpool in the first year, but we see the cast out all the time on the lash.

Anyway, on wednesday I went out with both the Welsh Society and the Bowlers – Christ I felt popular – to Mood. Whereby we saw him from Hollyoaks (the one on the left): -

Yep, Lee. The one who was shagging that Abby bird. Anyway, he thinks I have the coolest shirt in the world.

Anybody who knows me will know it: it’s covered with chinese letters. £5 from Wades, and somebody famous thinks it’s great!

Okay, I may be assuming – I was drunk, and my sarcasm detector is one of the first things to stop functioning under the influence, but I remember the conversation like it was yesterday (because, as it was early Thursday morning, it technically was):-

“Hey, you’re that bloke from Hollyoaks!”

“Hey! Errr….Nice shirt!”

So, one semi-famous bloke from the telly thinks that another semi-famous bloke from the internet has a cool dress sense. I know I have, just people like Klien, Saint Laurent and err….Burtons have stifled my creative wearing for many years. Now that my fashion sense is out there, soon everybody will be wearing chinese shirts, tight jeans, subbuteo t-shirts and pendants.

Trust me, Beckham is no longer the height of fashion, a certain Welshie is……

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