October 25th, 2004
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IRON101 – Introduction To Irony


Couple of cracks that have appeared in my university life, mainly from the lecturers: -

  • Why is our European Studies lecturer American?
  • Why does our Interface Design lecturer (a module where you learn how to design easy to use, easy to read interfaces) notes come on slides which are black on navy blue?
  • Why do half our Computer Science lecturers have no grasp of any sort of Computer knowledge (I’m talking about not being able to work Powerpoint)?
  • Why our Multimedia & Networks Supervisor questioned me when making an 8GB DVD-ROM “Why aren’t you transferring the DVD video over the Internet”?
  • And why our Internet Skills lecturer INSISTS on using frames?
  • Bit pissed off at the moment. Going to get myself some custard and beer. Life should be ace after that.

    In other news: I’m in serious need of a haircut. If I wore glasses, I would be Cousin It.

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