October 9th, 2004
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Where it all begins…..again


I’ve decided to take the plunge and start a new blog today, which is what you horrible lot are looking at at the moment. Sure, the old one was fun, but I felt like I needed a change of writing styles. So instead of long drawn out stories, this blog will be full of quick snippetts and pictures. Why? Two reasons:-

  1. It’s quicker and easier for you, my 45 million readers
  2. I just cannot be arsed launching into a tirade every so often. So, a little often is better than a lot occassionally.

Sure, I’ll be whoring Fark every now and again, and there’ll be more of what I’m into: video games, football, boobs, boozing and generally being a 20 year old superstar.

Actually, it hasn’t changed much, has it?

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