November 18th, 2004
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18th November, Weight 13st 11lbs. I saw…..


“Rhys!” They screamed. “You need to get more in touch with your feminine side!”. So, what better to do this than a toddle off to the pictures to see one of the most girly films out there: -

Yep, Bridget Jones 2.

I’ll own up. I actually chose to go on my own accord. Inside my hardman exterior is a big girl. No, I’m not going under the knife or anything. I enjoyed the first one – I shed a (manly) tear at the end of it – so I actually turned down a night watching football and drinking beer to go with a few mates to see it (which, to be fair, was the right choice).

So, does it get my two thumbs up? Meh. It was enjoyable. Kind of like the Charlie’s Angels flick. You just go in and can switch your brain off (I must admit, I had a few beers sloshing around inside of me through the film) and enjoy it. Sure, it’s cheesy. It’s soppy. It was full of product placement. It’s all the things that I hate. But……it was pretty good. I’m not going to talk too much about it, as the story wasn’t too strong (nothing you haven’t heard a million times before), and the fight scene was a bit weak, but it was okay. A no-brainer, and not as good as the first one (you did get the sense of seeing it all before).

Christ, that was a difficult entry to right. Giving my opinions on a movie not aimed at my gender. Need to stick to what I’m good at. Let start right about……now: -

To quote the Wagon Wheels advert: Oh you would.

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