November 15th, 2004
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Always Wanted To Know


I’m sure you’ve had this situation in your life at some time: -

“Yeah, my radiator isn’t working. I don’t think anything is wrong with it, it just needs bleeding.”

What exactly does ‘bleeding’ a radiator do to it? I reckon it’s just a huge conspiracy that everybody’s in on. Nobody I know knows (plumbers aside) what:-

  1. Bleeding a radiator actually does.
  2. How to go about bleeding one.

So, any takers?

In other news, bought Smackdown vs. Raw for the PS2, and it’s taken me a fair while to get into. Small roster plus not that many changes meant I don’t think it was worth shelling out £40 (though, I technically with discounts only shelled out £25). However, there are loads of really cool little features, and the CAW is much better (my characters now fit into the game). So….meh. Could be a goodun. Would of preferred Eugene and La Resistance instead of speaking characters though.

Finally, the latest edition of Strong Bad’s Email is either the funniest ever or the worst one ever, depending on who you speak to. Hate to say it, but I’m tending towards the latter.

The flames, they are arising.

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