November 8th, 2004
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Call That A Knife????


This Wednesday is the AU disco. Contrary to Roland’s belief, Ten Pin Bowling is a sport, and a darn goodun as that. Our theme is the beach wear. I’m going as an Aussie Beach Dude.

Adam and (to a lesser extent) Fern….I’m sorry.

Anyway, long story short, I always come up with silly names for myself whenever I’m dressed up. Remember the schoolgirl outfit? How can you forget?! For that night, I was known as ‘Minietta’ – which was created by taking my bowling nickname (Mini), and adding a femine touch to it.

So, as the stereotypical, politically incorrect but damn funny Welsh/Aussie hybrid I’ll be on Wednesday, I want to know what name you prefer. The choices are these: -

  1. Fosters Chester, The Crocodile Molester.
  2. Crocodile Dumfries (Popdog’d find it funny)

So, vote away! Not wanting to swing it, but even though I prefer the second, most of the people in the bowling club prefer the first one. One or more of these people support Chelsea, and one or more fo these people like Homestar Runner. Vote away! Oooh….it feels just like Taboo Tuesday.

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