November 1st, 2004
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Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud


As mentioned on the last post, Liverpool bowled against UEA. To be honest, we were under-strength, so with the available bowlers we had, it was set about making the A and B teams the strongest, whilst making the C team weak.

I was in the C-Team…or as we got called…the “Sacrificial Virgins”.

For those of you who don’t know how bowling competitions go, here’s the jist – you bowl 3 games. Should your team beat the opposing team in one of the games, you get a point. So 3 maximum. You get another point if you managed to get a higher total pinfall than your opponents. Should you draw on any of them, you get 0.5 each. So that’s a maximum of 4 points you can win. Each university enters 4 teams – A, B, C, and a Ladies (ladies can enter the A-C team as well) – so that means 16 total points.

Get it? Got it? Good.

We got our arses kicked 14.5 – 1.5, but the most important thing was the 1.5 points scored. The weaker, “Sacrificial Virgins”, team won them. My C team stopped UEA from bending us over a barrel and completely arse-screwing us.

Still, it was such a fun day out, plus I got plenty of exercise. Mum’d be pleased. In all serious, I was getting to the point I was getting a bit sick of bowling. Same every week. Yesterday was worth it.

I’m having a quiet night, sacrificing the chance to see Girls Aloud…..

I’m sure I’ll live.

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