November 11th, 2004
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Evolution Is A Mystery….Full Of Changes No One Sees


You know when you just get those days where everything seems so perfect? Yesterday was one of those days.

It started at 9am….or 10am (as my 9am was cancelled). I got an A on my Postscript assignment. Bloody marvellous.

The best was yet to come. We were waiting for the start of bowling in the Guild (the Liverpool Student Union), whereby we needed to crisps and drinks. We being me and my housemate Guy (who, probably isn’t going to appreciate being mentioned. Ah well, he’s proud of it). We left the shot and looked over to the fruit machine.

“Dude!” Guy said, “Is that Lemmy?” – refferring to Lemmy from Motorhead.

After we confirmed that it was – some random girls swooned over him like a unshaven Justin Timberlake – we decided to grab a picture with the famous man. Only Guy was in the photo, not me. I had to take the photo. Nevertheless, here it is, in camera phone pixellated glory! Guy was in the original, but it screwed up the width, so I deleted him.

How unbelievably cool is that? He’s a rocker, he’s Welsh, he’s got a gambling addiction. What more is there to like about him?

Rest of the day fizzled out…..up until the debut of Fosters Chester at the AU Disco…..more of that soon!

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