November 5th, 2004
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I lied. Here, let me make it upto you…..


I did say I’d try and update this more often, and I have been away for about a week. I have a good reason, honest.

Okay, don’t believe me? Here, take a look!

That abomination is my first new game in two years (don’t all cheer at once). It’s called Eskew. Why I have no idea. In any rate, I’ve been busy making it. Apparently, one person thinks it’s quite fun. It it’s anywhere near as good as Wormhole, I’m happy.

Anyway, that’s the unhard sell, so if you want it – and, by god, I know I do – download it here.

In other news: this week I have been living without a sink (for one day, at least). In any rate: I smell, drunk nothing but milk and fanta, and my clothes all are dirtier than a cheap whore. In other words, I’m like a typical student.

Oooh, again another thing happened between us and the Hollyoaks cast. This time a mate chatted up one of the extras. We’re so D-List Celebs!

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