November 25th, 2004
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I OWNZ J00!!!!


I’m sure the readers who are fathers will sympathize with me on this one: the day when your kid outsmarts you.

To be fair, I had it coming. I’ve been an arrogent little fucker this afternoon, Ian’d probably attest to that. Why? Well, largely due to this being made today: -

Okay, I didn’t make all of it, just the AI and difficulty and the scoring. Either way, I’m dead chuffed with myself. Probably because it was in C++, which is still pretty tricky. Anyway, I didn’t brag in class, but I’m bragging here: I did it in around 30 minutes. The rest of it was spent fucking around. Ever see Wargames? You know that bit towards the end where they break the computer by forcing it to play naughts and crosses over and over again? Well, that’s what I did for the next hour or so. Play game after game after game of naughts & crosses.

Final Score over 100 games: Player – 33, Computer – 56 (with 12 Draws). On moderate difficulty.

Yes, I’ve developed the unbeatble AI. It may not solve the Middle East crisis, but it can kick my arse at Naughts & Crosses. Will it kick yours? Well, DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

In other news: I swore in front of children today. I’m going to hell.

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