December 22nd, 2004
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Boom, shake shake the room


Anybody else feel this? It woke me up this morning. First I thought it was an earthquake, which would of been so cool. I mean, an earthquake? There was one before in my life when I was about 1, but obviously I couldn’t remember that. I slept through that one.

A few days ago, I got into the Christmas Spirit by having a “12 Days of Christmas” Bucket from a fried chicken place. This is what it contained: -

12 Pieces of Chicken
11 Crispy Strips

10 Spicy Wings

9 BBQ Ribs

8 Corn on the cobs

7 Chicken Nuggetts

6 Sides of Coleslaw

5 Onion Rings

4 Sides of Fries

3 Sides of Coleslaw

2 Tortilla Wraps

1 Bottle of Pepsi Max

Now, I didn’t eat that all myself. I shared it with 3 of my mates. Needless to say, it tasted good, and festive!

Finally, I found this pretty cool website. Basically you type in lyrics, and the program sings it for you by constructing it from the lyric database. Sounds confusing? Well, just have a fiddle with it, you’ll get the jist of it. Either way, anything sounds better than Band Aid 20.

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