December 11th, 2004
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Bright Coloured Buttons and Whiskers on Kittens….


Certain things make me smile, and at the moment I’ve been doing a lot of smiling (I will tell you all soon why), but yesterday I recieved an email that I couldn’t help sharing with you all, but before I do, the premise:-

Many long term readers will know that I make computer games from time to time. Just a few weeks ago there was Eskew. Sure, it was terrible, but I enjoyed making it. Nevertheless, a couple of the games just seem to take off. One being Wormhole.

Painfully ironic really, as my smallest game and the one that took the shortest amount of time, yet everybody I know seems to love it. Not that I am complaining, oh no.

In any rate, I got up yesterday and immediately switched on my computer, whilst checking through all the spam, I came accross this email:-

Your best game has to be wormhole. I sent that to 1 person in my school back in 6th year and by the end of the month every time you saw a computer in any class or in the library someone was playing it. From 1st year to 6th year everyone was playing it. It even got around to other schools in our area – a friend and I heard people talking on a train about a tournament they had at their school for your wormhole game.

If you wanna check out a game in a similar vain but in 3d check the blitzshowcase for the only entry by Harkano. You inspired me to do it for the 6th year Adv Higher computing project.

Sorry, but when he said about the train, I burst into a huge smile. It’s nice to be loved.

Busy day today, but I shall be back soon!

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