December 26th, 2004
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The Haul


Merry Christmas everybody! Hope Santa gave you all what you wanted. Christmas in the Wynne household went off without a hitch (well, despite the fact I got quite sloshed in the pub at lunchtime, and as such spent the early evening asleep). My stash was, but not limited to, the following:-

  • A ‘fun’ (i.e. cheap) digital camera, which works a lot better than it looks.
  • A poker set. No, I will not be playing any form of strip poker with them, just the regular type. Now grow up.
  • A student cookbook. Soon I will not be eating takeaway (likely).
  • Peter Kay Thing on DVD
  • Bottle of Jack Daniels (from my 16 year old brother. God bless fake ID!)
  • A welsh had and fleece.
  • And more chocolate than you can shake a stick at.
  • But one of the coolest things about Christmas 2004? We had a White Christmas! It was bloody marvellous. The snow lay all around, deep and crisp and even.

    Of course, one of the bonuses of having a digital camera is that I can post pictures. Aren’t you all lucky people? Here’s two to begin with:-

    Me and my two brothers outside the Pen Y Bryn in Colwyn Heights. Look, snow!

    A look across to Penrhyn Bay from the end of my road. Sorry of lack of clarity. Still getting used to the camera!

    More pictures will follow, and updates. You lucky, lucky people.

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