December 24th, 2004
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Twas the night before Christmas….


Can lightning strike twice?

Twas the night before Christmas,

And all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring,

Not even a mouse.

In a front room somewhere, curled on a sofa,

Rhys and S are watching repeats on the telly.

Drinking some beers, and eating chocolates,

Which are growing Rhys’ belly.

“Fuck this” Rhys said, “I’m bored off my tits.”

“Lets throw a party, like the one last year.”.

“We’ll invite all the bloggers, and they can eat some food.”

“And be drinking vodka and beer.”

Rhys prepared the drinks

Like the time before

“Tonight we’ll party” he said

“Lets begin, Christmas 2004″

First to arrive was Ian, from Caernarfon,

He exlaimed: “Parti dda!”

Changing to English: “Yeah, it’s a good party,”

“Obviously not a patch on Barracuda.”

Potter arrived from Liverpool,

“Where will my Chemistry set go?”

Of course, he wasn’t the only scouser there,

As Benj came, from “A Large Mango”.

Popdog came next from Bonnie Scotland,

“Hope you don’t mind, I’ve brought some of my crew.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve catered for them all.”

He said, unveiling some Irn-Bru.

A big group arrived next,

“Ah”, said Rhys, “It’s the crew from Punclox.”

“We’ve all brought you a present” said an excited Jake.

“Oh brilliant,” said Rhys, unwrapping the gift. “It’s socks.”

Roland and Cynthia arrived next,

“I like your lights,” said Cyn, “hope it doesn’t drive up the bills.”

They both preceded to light up the party,
As they showed the party their mad ninja/salsa skills.

Sam showed his face up next,

“Oh brilliant”, said Rhys. “Welcome Sam!”

“Skinny will be pleased, he’ll be overjoyed”

“He’s also a dirty Blackburn fan.”

More people showed up, Max, Adam, Randi, Pete,

The party was full, and was thick.

But one man was conspicuous by his absence,

Jolly old Saint Nick

Midnight arrived, and Santa showed up.

“Rhys, I told you I’d be around.”

“But please, stop this bad poem”

“You’re running it to the ground!”

He gave out presents, to all the guests

Before dissappearing into the night.

“Merry Christmas to all you people.”

“And to all, a fucking good night!”

Merry Christmas to all my readers.

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