January 2nd, 2005
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2004: A Look Back…..


….bollocks to 2004. I’m sorry, I’m sick of these reviews of “ooh, 2004 was good for me etc.”. Okay, yeah, 2004 was good for me, making this website (which – 4 months after completion – I’ve found out doesn’t work on Firefox. Oops) and general working for Active Presence over the summer (which lead to me being STEP Merseyside Champion) was one highlight. S has been another, making me a very happy Welshman. And then there were the odd days and nights out too numerous to mention here. Most involved me wearing a skirt and/or spending far too much time on bouncy castles.

But then, there have been bad parts. Well, not bad parts, just niggly things. Having no idea what to do after university. The brown nosing of Franz Ferdinand (who are not as good as everybody says they are). The return of Peter Andre. WWE Smackdown being shite since Wrestlemania 20. All have put a dampner on the year.

So, in closing. 2004 was good, but it’s past now. Here’s to 2005!

In other news: Ally said that just looking at the alcohol in a previous post made her feel sick. I can now inform everybody that ingesting said alcohol made me feel just as bad.

But, that’s what new years are for, aren’t they?

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