January 6th, 2005
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To quote Dave Gorman: -

“When you are writing a novel, everything else just seems so much more important. I mean, I couldn’t start mine until I checked my email, defrosted the refridgerator, painted the fence and went to Germany and back”

Okay, so I’m not writing a novel, but I am revising for my third year exams. I’m trying, I really, really am, but I suddenly thought “hmmmm….my blog could really use a resdesign.”. So here it is.

Maybe now I can do some revision. Please don’t tell me any problems with for two weeks, or my degree will be down the shitter.

There is one thing you can help me with though. Some blogs on blogspot have icons in the title-bar when browsing in Firefox. Anybody know how I can get one on mine? I know it’s something to do with favicon.ico, that’s not the problem. The problem is how I can upload it onto blogspot.

In other news: I’m featured on Bash’s bastard godchild. Vote for me in that!

Whilst you’re voting: Help right the wrong of last year, and vote for me in a 2005 bloggie (tagline especially. Ta).

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