January 16th, 2005
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I was out in town with S and a few friends, and – feeling peckish – we thought we’d treat ourselves to a pub lunch from Spoons. Fuck it, we’ve been not working hard at revision, so we deserve something nice. I ordered scampi and chips with coke (was planning revision), for which the barman asked a question
“Is Pepsi okay?”

Is Pepsi okay? You know, it really doesn’t make that much difference to me. Pepsi and Cola are like a mother’s children: they are different, but I like them equally, and I couldn’t choose between them. However, when I’m feeling dangerous, I may just go like this in a bar:-

“One Coke please mate”

“Okay. Is Pepsi alright?”

“Actually no…..I think I’ll take my business elsewhere. Good day.”

So, anybody got any reason why they say it (we think it’s to cover their arses due to trade’s description)? Also, does anybody actually love one of the brands and hates the other?

In other news, revision hasn’t been going too well for my Computer Architecture exam on Monday, here’s what I’ve been doing to pass the time: -

  • Bought Civilization III. May have spent just a little too much money on it, as I felt I needed to play as the Welsh. As you cannot play as them on the original (or even the Celts), I felt I needed to get into the game. To achieve this, I needed to play as Wales. Damn you national pride!
  • Bought Equilibrium on DVD. Yes, I know I slated it ages ago. Hell, I was young, I was stupid. I felt that I was overly harsh (remember, this was before the second two Matrix movies came out, and it stands up better that), so it deserved a second viewing. Lo and behold, the second viewing was brilliant (it was on telly a few months ago), so I decided to buy it. It’s a fucking amazing movie! Would reccommend going to get it (unless you’re my brothers, and as such you can lend it anytime).
  • Downloaded every single Royal Rumble between 1988 and 2000 (2001+ I have on DVD). Unfortunately, I cannot find 1997 anywhere on the internet. Any clues as to where I can get it?
  • Changed the title image. People were being scared by the eye (including S, who usually says I have nice eyes), so I decided to default setting it to a lovely picturesque view over the North Wales coast. Should you wish to be scared shitless, you can now change the title image using the “Change The Title” links below. Enjoy!
  • One final thing stopped me from revising over the weekend, but pictures speak a thousand words:-

    Mum, Ian, can you hear me? YOUR BOYS TOOK ONE HELL OF A BEATING!

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