January 11th, 2005
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Find Me And Follow Me….


Tonight the Brit Awards Nominees were announced. For those of you unaware, the Brits are a music version of the Oscars, which represents probably the most fair and unbiased look at all that’s best in British music. Unsurprisingly, The Darkness pretty much cleaned up last year, much the same way Robbie Williams, Oasis, The Verve, The Spice Girls, Radiohead and The Happy Mondays have. With the exception of The Spice Girls (yes, I am a closet Robbie Williams fan. Don’t like it? Go fuck yourselves), each one of those bands are amazing (in their day – later Radiohead stuff is a bit ropey which made me want to become a member of the defenestrating suicide club). So, unsurprisingly this band get a load of nominations: -

This band for those of you who are unaware is Franz Ferdinand. Named after some guy who’s killing kicked off World War I, Franz Ferdinand are the media’s latest darling in rock music.

Only one problem, they are shit.

Okay. Let me rephrase that without getting my balls cut to buggery by music fans everywhere. They’re not shit, they’re average. They’re the sort of band that people who read NME love. I’m sorry, but NME thinks Bjork running her fingernails up and down a piece of bark is good music. NME listen to things that they think are new, and unique (with Franz Ferdinand being uniquely average), so they look cool. I’m sorry, but in my eyes, and this hurts me to say, but Franz Ferdinand are not the saviour to rock music. They’re just a pretty average band with an occasional catchy song that gets played in clubs as the “Indie part”, before returning to dance bollocks. And for 3 and a half minutes, I listen to “Take Me Out”, dancing like a fool, because I think that there will be a string of Indie Rock songs to play us out until the early hours.

Except that’s there isn’t. So I’m left clutching to this fairly average Glaswegian quartet.

Don’t think I’m having a go at the Brits, oh no. There are some quality bands nominated multiple times: Keane, Snow Patrol, Jet, Muse and Scissor Sisters have all be nominated. For anybody wanting to know what I like as far as music goes, I reccommend checking those bands out.

Well, them and Feeder, who I love because they’re Welsh, and rock.

But, going back to the Brits. Where is Damien Rice? I mean, a great writer left out of prestigious awards. WE WOULDN’T WANT THAT NOW, WOULD WE NUDGE NUDGE WINK WINK.

In other news: One of my mates has joined a vexillology society, which is apparently the study of flags. And he takes the piss out of me.

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