January 3rd, 2005
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Happy 2006!!!


To be honest, the relatively quiet night at a friends house was a pretty good way to see in the new year. It was fun, and didn’t make too much of an arse of myself, unlike a mate of mine. This was a legitamate conversation between me and him on MSN earlier today. Only one person noticed his mistake, and – unfortunately for him – that person has a fairly successful blog.

As he doesn’t know about this site, I’ve changed his name to something dark and mysteriousy. Also, the conversation has been edited quite badly, as we went off on one talking about what would happen if the fruit kingdom would have a fight, who would win (common sense says the Pinapple).

Rhys: Hey Mr XXX

Mr XXX: Hey. How was your New Years?

Rhys: Not bad (insert long description of how your night went. It would make no sense to you people. Trust me). Yours?

Mr XXX: Pretty good. How have the first 12 hours of 2005 been treating you?

Rhys: Errr mate….there’s been more than 12 hours of 2005.

Mr XXX: Bullshit!

Rhys: Yeah, check the date on the clock.

Mr XXX: Shit! You mean I’ve missed a day?!?!?

Rhys: Yeah…..errr…..sorry.

Dunno if that beats Chester, but by jove, it’ll be close.

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