January 4th, 2005
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It’s That Time Again!


2005 Bloggies! As regular readers may know, I had a shot at winning one last year in the “Best Tagline” category, and it’s been hard choosing people to vote for. Real hard. A lot of good blogging friends have stopped (Max, Liz and a few others), and I haven’t really replaced them. Mainly people who I know personally (Ian, Peter etc.). So, I’ve decided this year to share my nominations, and the reasons why:-

Best Application

W.Bloggar – If you are not using this at the moment, why not? It’s brilliant piece of software.

Best British/Irish Weblog

Darkside/Lightside – I’ve never voted for it before, so I’d thought I’d give it a nod.

Honestly I’m Sober – Unbelievably frank blog. I don’t comment on it, but it’s compelling. Also in best design category.

Thoughts of A Cymro – Okay, it’s a nod for a mate of mine. I don’t care.

Best American Weblog

Cynsim.com – Forever brilliant. Very interesting, plus the most attractive 30+ I know. Also voted in “Best Kept Secret”

Gorillamask.net – Not a blog technically, but still brilliant regular musings.

A New York Escort Confessions – A guilty pleasure. My mum reads this blog, and I don’t talk about it, but I love this blog. Pisses over Belle De Jour (although, if you’re a regular, you’ll know she’s not into that sorta thing)..


Do You Believe In Me? – Some of it is brilliant. The rest of the time he suffers blogger fatigue. Must be good, as only good bloggers like myself suffer from it. Also voted in “Best LGBT Blog”.

Best Tagline

The Gospel – I. Want. This. Award.

Best Photography

Fern-Georgina – Hope this blog comes back, otherwise my nomination is going to look very silly.

Adam Sputnik – I love landscapes, so obvious nod to the Aussie.

Arkestra – I really like the photolog in this. Don’t know why.

As I cannot be arsed typing anymore, I also gave nods to Scaryduck (most humourous), Punclox (best group), and Uptonia (best design).

So that’s it. Kept best blogs of the year secret. You are all my favouries!

For the next few days I will be whoring myself off to vote for me. I don’t want to direct your attention to any particular category, but I would like to right the wrong caused last year, and win the best tag line. Still feel like Tenth Muse screwed me out of it.

Bitter? Yep. You can still see the teethmarks. Ba dum tish!

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