January 24th, 2005
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Two Timing


Well bugger me. I’ve done it again.

After whoring myself more times than a cheap prostitute, and thanks to the rather close knit community surrounding this site, I’ve got meself another bloggie nomination in “Best Tagline”.. Thanks for nominating me guys. You all rule.

To be perfectly honest, I knew earlier on today. I had two emails from the owner saying I was up (which kinda got me all excited. What else was I voted on? Sweet fuck all apparently.). However, the website has been down for longer time than a cheap prostitute. Suffering from bandwidth issues – which is talked about breifly in one of the nominees for the “Best article or essay about Blogs” Bloggie. Oh the irony. So I’d thought I’d save the posting of this entry which says “Wow! I’m up for a bloggie!” for when the site is back up, to maximise the reader/votage curve. I’m not making the same mistakes as last year.

So, as the veteran. All I can say is vote for me. It would be nice to win, and being up two years in a row is an achievement. Shows creative staying power. What will I give in return? Dunno. Have a joke.

A byte walks into a bar and says “Pint please. I need it.”. Barman says “Why? What’s wrong?”. Byte goes, “Well, I am usually 11111111, today I am 11111110.”. Barman goes “Yeah, you do look a bit off.”

Don’t make the same mistake as last year. Vote for the gospel.

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