January 24th, 2005
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Whacking Your Google


Sorry for the delay of post. My week has been spent doing exams; revising; not revising; drinking; playing darts; playing poker; spending quality time with S; falling asleep on S (yes, at times, even I can be a shit of a boyfriend); eating more takeaway than’s good for me; getting so hammered after my exams by using a computer, past exam papers and abusing the bars “2 4 1 if you bring in your exam papers” (this led to the falling asleep on S stage); trying to sort out moving away from my job in the zoo by applying for a position in the…errr….zoo (it’s a different area altogether); selling for gig tickets on eBay (and not seeing a penny of any potential profits); and googlewhacking.

Yes, I am now a googlewhacker, and I’m so proud of myself.

It all started yesterday, me and S watched Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure (a present I gave to my brother, then later nicked. Even I can be a shit of a brother). Afterwards, we were talking aimlessly and suddenly the words “nipples coleslaw” came up. I had to check if it was a googlewhack (two words put into a search engine that yeild only one result), but alas no. Later, in the pub, the words “telekinesis masturbation” came up. As lovely a googlewhack that would of been, it isn’t too. But it doesn’t matter, I was away.

The next 15 minutes, between ordering two pizzas (half of it is still in the kitchen downstairs), and eating two pizzas, me, S and Guy were furiously googlewhacking away. And then, I did it. I really did it.

There, ladies and gentlemen, is a googlewhack. And not a fake one I created myself. A real, living, breating googlewhack, as placed on googlewhack.com:-

Needless to say, I was a happy happy man. I tried emailing the page owner, but it got bounced back. Which is a shame.

One thing that did strike me was Google’s sponsored links. Basicallly, whilst immaturely searching for a masturbation googlewhack, I noticed this:-

Apologies to my mother at this point, who is reading this. But it says “Free Masturbation Site”. Who pays for masturbation (not including prostitution)? Answers on a postcard please.

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