February 21st, 2005
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/\/\!cR0$oft gU!d3 2 L337 sK!11z!!!!


This is pretty funny, Microsoft’s guide to “L337speak”. Isn’t it nice that Microsoft provide a guide for helping parents understand L337 so that they may educate them in the language of the internet on the dangers of it. No wait, this is Microsoft’s real reason……

“The first series is of particular concern, as their use could be an indicator that your teenager is involved in the theft of intellectual property, particularly licensed software.”

One of the words listed under “illegal activity” is “pwned”, which for you people who aren’t fluent in Leetspeek, means “owned” – a term used in online gaming to discribe completely dominating a fellow player.

So, by Microsoft’s reckoning, if I snipe off the head of a terrorist using a AWM/Scout rifle from 20 paces, that makes me a criminal? (not like that ever happens, but it could)

Something suggest Bill Gates is a “n00b” at Halo 2.

(He apparently also can’t work out this: Petals Around The Rose. See if you can….)

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