February 9th, 2005
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Feed Me Til I Want No More….


Today, depending on you beliefs, is either pancake day or shrove tuesday. It traditionally starts 40 days and 40 nights of fasting (up until Easter) known as lent. Traditionally, people give up something for lent, and – traditionally, it lasts of all about 3 days.

This year my friend, is going to be different.

Myself, Guy and S (yes, she has a blog now. Please visit it. Makes me feel better.) have given up stodge. What’s stodge? This is stodge….

Basically, it’s takeaway food. Anything from a chippy, a pizzaria, a kebab house, a fried chicken outlet or a burger bar is banned for the next 960 hours. With a few exceptions….

You see, we’re a bit half arsed, so as such, we’ve applied concessions, here they are:-

  • McDonalds and the like are classified as restaurants, and as such, we are allowed them. However, only one a week.
  • Pub food is legal.
  • Subway is legal.
  • Should a chippy have a set of chairs and tables, then that place can be constrewed as a restaurant, and as such is legal. But it takes off the McDonalds and company.

Looks like I’m skimping on paper. But I’m just defining the rules. It makes it easier in the long run.

It was this in mind that my mate and I headed to our local takeaway last night for our “last supper” as such. A student deal, consisting of a margerita with 2 toppings, chicken nuggets, chips, onion rings and a bottle of coke. We weren’t hugely hungry, but we did it for shits and giggles.

This morning, when the giggles were all gone, we still had the shits.

You know, I think this is a good idea after all.

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