February 14th, 2005
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I choo-choo-choose you….


Today is Valentine’s Day. For the first time ever, I have a reason to celebrate this holiday, thanks to S. Although I didn’t get her much (don’t believe in Valentine’s day too much), the card I got her was better than these.

That being said, if S got me a Legend of Zelda valentine’s day card, I would marry her tomorrow.

The weekend, me, S, Pete and the rest of the Liverpool bowlers spent the weekend bowling in the BUSA tournaments. Here was the highlights:-

  • S telling the story as we past Keele (a place just outside Stoke) about the time she wanted to go to Keele, and ended up in Leek. Imagine getting so lost you end up in a place that is almost spelt the exact opposite of where you want to go. I spent a good 45 minutes giggling to it.
  • Going crazy for Hooters, yet being so classy not to go into it.
  • Seeing my brother who goes to University in Nottingham (where BUSA was held) was cool. I don’t often go out drinking with my brother, so to do so was cool.
  • Getting three strikes in a row on one of my games was cool. Meant I finished on 127. I buckled badly.
  • Watching the Wales game. Which at times was depressing.
  • Bought a shit hot bowling shirt with “Welshie” on the back (Welshie being my nickname). Look amazing in it, even though I look like a tent.
  • Finished the tournament on 105 average, which placed me in around 170th place. Still, I beat the blinds, just.
  • Liverpool M2 Trios also beat Surrey M2 Trios, which I was happy about.

All in all a good day. Results to the music quiz will be up tomorrow, I promise.

Happy valentine’s day people!

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