February 4th, 2005
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I’m A Bastard, that I am….


First and foremost the results from the Movie Quiz. It provoked a lot of responses from new and old readers alike, and I’m pleased about it. I may make a similar quiz a weekly occurrance. It could be fun. I’ve listed people who got the question right by the question, and a link. This is only the ones from the site, as I also posted the same quiz on the messageboard. So anybody here from there, don’t complain your name isn’t up, kapiche?

  1. Apollo 13
  2. Equilibrium
  3. Wargames: Nobody got this. Unsuprisingly, as it’s not well known. See it, though it’s a bit dated.
  4. Forrest Gump
  5. Groundhog Day
  6. Van Wilder: Nobody got this! Even though it’s one of the funniest lines ever. Take that down*.
  7. American Pie 2
  8. Matrix
  9. AI – Artificial Intelligence
  10. Rocky: I cannot believe nobody got this! You should all be ashamed of yourself.
  11. Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark
  12. Star Wars Ep 4
  13. Lord of the Rings – Fellowship of the Ring

And the final scores are (1pt for each, .5 pt for close – either right trilogy, wrong film, or otherwise stated):-

  1. Ally: 6.5 (Number 2 is a W B Yeats poem, and it’s central to the movie, so half marks).
  2. Roland: 5.5
  3. :K: 5
  4. Liz, Celina: 4.5
  5. Sibley: 4
  6. Fern: 3
  7. AnnaRae: 1.5
  8. Mike: 1

Wasn’t that fun? Now onto my post.

As you can probably tell with the distinct lack of bloggage recently, my week has been dull. Well, not dull exactly. Lack of blogsworthy to be more accurate. Sure, darts; beer; chicken kebabs; quality time with S; poker; discussing the merits on whether Jelly Baby porn would work and laughing at my mates ringtone which is based on South Park’s Timmy all are funny. But, like most of my humour, you have to be there.

I did purchase a quality computer game for my Sega Saturn off eBay, the 1995 classic: Street Racer, I say classic as in my eyes it is. It’s a driving game where violence is much a part of it as driving. There are 8 unique characters, with 24 courses, and a very ingenious rumble and (on the Super Nintendo version) soccer mode. I bought it the second it came out, and love it. Been playing it a lot recently too.

But it has, and always will be compared to Mario Kart. I remember when it came out it was compared, and people were saying it was better, others saying it wasn’t. The latter ended up twisting the game into a undeserved reputation: a horrible racing game.

It’s not better than Mario Kart, but in my eyes, it’s as good as it.

The second thing I want to talk about is The Six Nations Championship. For the unaware amongst you, England, Wales, Italy, France, Scotland and Irish Rugby Union Teams get together every year and play against each other in a championship. It’s probably the most prestigious competition outside of the Rugby World Cup for rugby, and is played with a passion. Not only is it a prestigious tournament, but also ignites old rivalries that have been going on for generations.

Saturday, it’s England vs. Wales.

Wales have been playing awfully well recently, narrowly losing games to New Zealand and Australia in particular, and England haven’t. They haven’t matched anywhere near the quality of their World Cup Winning side from two years ago. So, you’d think I’d be confident, right?

Not exactly.

It’s wierd. I just cannot feel confident at the moment for Saturday. Of course, I will be cheering on Wales, and praying to god they’ll win, but this year, even though they have the biggest shot of winning, I cannot see it happenning.

We’ll do okay in the tournament, obtaining mid-table, but – as painful as it is for me to say it – I can’t see us winning it.

Still, will be fun to watch though.

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