February 22nd, 2005
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Now….what has that done to the graph?


Today and yesterday the university has been swamped with fliers for the Liverpool Guild Elections for 2005/2006. Every year, people in mickey mouse degrees such as History of Art have a chance to salvage their CV’s by becoming one of the guild officers. President, Entertainment, Environment and a few other positions are up for grabs this and every year until the university closes down for some reason. In any rate, votes are bought from the first year students by lollies and cupcakes. I, on the other hand – being the veteran third year, cannot be bought by cupcakes. Oh no. I didn’t vote in the first year, nor the second….BUT I AM NOW!

“Rhys!” I hear you shout, “Don’t you hate having a voice to air your political views?”. I do, can’t stand politics. So, here is my half assed way of voting.

  • Go for the one’s with funny names. By that method – Keyring Loo should be Welfare Officer.
  • For any vote for environmental officer, vote for the one with the least posters in the vacinity. They’re obviously more committed to the role.
  • For the rest? My choice was simple. Go for whoever S is voting for.

You can almost see the thumb print.

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