February 28th, 2005
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Off The Wagon….


Forgot to mention this (as I was hammered at the time) but it’s with regret that I must inform you my non-takeaway lent promise failed on Wednesday night, whereby I had fish and chips (looks like I wasn’t the only one). Truth be told it failed on Saturday (oh come on, you expect me to go to Blackpool and not have fish and chips?), but nobody need know about that (except for you, my 40 million viewers).

So, long story short, blame S. Onto other stuff.

  • Some people may of recieved an email from me over the weekend, rather abstractly. Please don’t be alarmed, it was for a little project I stumbled across – the small world project. Basically it’s an experiment concerned with the “six degrees of separation” experiment – everybody on earth is separated by 6 people. I signed up for it and my targets are two middle aged women, one from the US (hence the email to Cyn) and one from Australia (hence the email to Fern). None of them have come good so far. I’ll keep you posted.
  • Yesterday I found this website. Some of you may remember Transport Tycoon. It was a business management simulation a few years back where you manage a road, rail, sea and air network. It was around pre-Doom, and was a fantastic game. It was one of the first PC games I remember playing, and play I did, over and over and over again. It’s one of those games that takes so much of your time, and you don’t care. On the website is a download of the game, and I reccommend everybody play it, it’s such a good game.
  • Finally, I’d just like to point this out: Wales beating the French. Hate to say it, but I missed the first half. Does that make me a glory supporter (as France were dicking on us in the first half)? No. I made an honest to god mistake.

Right, that your lot. I’m off to play Championship Manager.

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