February 10th, 2005
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Where’s Me Chuffing Sheep?


Some people may of read this story over the weekend: the man who chopped off his testicles after Wales beat England. Of course, this gives me another good reason to gloat, but I think it’s very apt of a Welshman.

As any body who knows me, I never hedge on a bet. I am always honest, and should I bet, I am prepared to pay up. Of course, this does mean I bet very few times (discounting fruit machines or casinos and things like that). However – discounting a few white lies here and there – I’m honest.

Of course, I expect the same from everybody else.

Whilst I was watching the game with S, I recieved a text from Guy. He said the following:-

….if wales win, we’ll all chip in and get u a sheep, a REAL one!

Needless to say, I was excited. Although my phone almost became jammed when England took the league, and when we pulled through, I thought “Wayhey! Sheeps a plenty for the Welshie!”.

How wrong I could be.

You see, a certain one of my mates (not Guy) was sat at home, mutterring to himself “I am not going to pay for some motherfucking sheep…”. The tight bastard! You cannot make bets and hedge on them, as Roy Chubby Brown once sang: Where’s my chuffing sheep?

So, to conclude. Whilst I would happily complete stupid bets, some people don’t. I am prepared to settle for a Lamb Rogan Josh though, because I’m like that.

Finally, a little footnote for those who know me and don’t understand sarcasm: Please don’t take this literally. I am only trying to entertain the masses. I do not want a sheep, and yes, I am aware that my 21st Birthday is coming up shortly. Instead of buying a sheep, look here. Thanks.

Results for the quiz will be up on Monday, if not sooner. This weekend I’m bowling in BUSA. Pictures will be taken.

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