March 11th, 2005
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Away From It All….


Hello! I am not dead, you’ll be pleased to know. The reason being is that I have been working hard towards my final mark in University. It’s fucking scary, I tell thee. The amount of work one module is (the project) is huge, and I’m practically working a 10 hour day some days. It’s stressing me out and causing me to think of little else. Hate to say it, but I’m getting a bit fed up of university.

There. I said it.

I have taken as much out of university as I have, and I’ve done pretty well: prospectively a good degree; people who I hope will develop to be lifetime friends, who understand me and respect me; a gorgeous, caring, funny, bubbly shit of a girlfriend in S; a large area of knowledge, both degree related and life related (big thanks to Chris, who I learnt so much from); a new hobby in ten-pin bowling; and memories. But Liverpool has had a lot out of me – money. I am just sick of living the lazy student lifestyle, and want a steady job for a few years before trying to climb the career ladder. I’d like to travel a bit and learn to drive. It was funny, S mentioned we should go away somewhere, and I was genuinely excited. Me? Afford a holiday? Never! But, with hard work over the summer, and living at home, I may, just may go somewhere.

So what to the immediate future? Well, as I’ve been feeling pretty shit recently, I’ve decided to throw myself into the waiting arms of my mother. Who will look after me for this weekend. S is also going home too. Hopefully a couple of days

Is this going to be one of my last university posts? Yeah, of course. Only got two or three months left. To be honest, I cannot wait.

A few other things:

  • I’ve been laughing manically at this advert. I won’t spoil it, but it’s good.
  • There has been some top quality football recently, with Chelsea and Liverpool producing exciting games. Wish the same could be said for Man U though.
  • Last night I went out with everybody for a few beers to forget my troubles. Unfortunately I got so drunk that when I switched on the PC this morning, I saw that I had downloaded “One Step Closer” by S Club Juniors. And, as strange as it sounds, I am compelled to keep it on the PC.

Next week should be a little bit more interesting, as I am heading to Hull. Our team have got our costumes, we’re going as Austin powers, with me as Dr. Evil. Should be a great weekend.

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