March 14th, 2005
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Bitter? Moi?


The Bloggies have been voted for, and unfortunately, for the second year on the bounce, I have come up short. To Dooce. Who’s tagline isn’t even on the blog. How? I mean, all the other competitors have, but that site it is something different. Therefore, why should they win?

Ah well, there’s always next year. Seems I came a respectible fourth*. In your face Random Acts Of Reality. Yeah.

In other news: I almost set fire to the kitchen yesterday. Basically, I was cooking S some tea. In my rush, I washed a baking tray, but failed to dry it properly, so – when I checked on my food 20 minutes later – the kitchen was filled smoke. The remaining soapy water on the pans had evapourated. Imagine, if you will, snorting Fairy Liquid, or squeezing it into your eyes. Well, that was the feeling I got, and let me tell all you smackheads, there is no rush to report of.

The chips of the tea was ruined, but I insisting on eating the chicken pieces. They were Bernard Bloody Matthews Chicken. They don’t come cheap**. They actually weren’t too bad.

The end result of the kerfuffle? A relatively satisfied girlfriend and a banning from using the kitchen for three days.


Happy Steak and BJ Day everybody.

* Assuming all the people below me on the listing got less votes than me. Which may not be the case.

**Unless you are talking about chickens when they are still alive. They do sometimes go ‘cheep’. BA DUM TISH!

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