March 22nd, 2005
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“Bowling’s The Real Winner Here…..”*


Hello again people. Thought you may be interested in a few photos from the weekend. These are small, as now I am paying for the bandwidth, they have to be. Also, I’ve included “witty” captions that took me all of 3 minutes to come up with….

The Mario Allstars team (eventual winners). Featuring the lovely S as Princess. Also featuring the relatively nice but not quite as sexually attractive in my opinion Chris as Mario and Guy as Luigi.

The Flintstones. Featuring Mike as Fred, Jen as Wilma and Karen as Pebbles. Also featuring ex-captain Paul as…..Paul

After the fantastic dicking on the Irish, I switched to more appropriate attire. And for some reason, a blacked up forhead.

Chris is suprised to find the levitation nature of the trophies.

Even with a high temperature, I’m still able to utilise my ninja-like skills of stealth and deception in order to humiliate S.

Me being hung in bowling, which means that you have to stand on the chair should you not bowl a strike and everybody else on your lane does. In other news, the words ‘me’ and ‘hung’ appear in the same sentance.

There are certain items of clothing even the erotic allure of our esteemed captain Guy cannot make sexy. The England rugby shirt is one of them.

During the count up of scores, we got bored. As such, we invented some games. Crown Pin bowling (crown green bowling with bowling balls), and Ten Bin Bowling (bowling at bins) were relatively unsuccessful. Lets see who can throw a bowling ball into each other’s testicles was – on the other hand – a huge crowd pleaser. Chris won, after S was disqualified for…ahem…”lack of equipment”.

I only really fell into this sport by accident at the beginning of the second year by just seeing a notice up on the university BBS and deciding to give it a go, and it has been very good to me, giving me friends, a lovely girlfriend, and has taken me all over the country, with nights out in many cities across the UK. The people are generally friendly, and the tournaments have been a lot of fun. I presume other sports (or so called sports such as Ultimate Frisbee) have similar meetups on this scale. I urge you to go to them, as they are a great laugh. Plus you get to stay in a hotel and drink beer and have cooked breakfast. Result!

* Quote from Paul Williams 19/3/05. AMF Hull

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