March 22nd, 2005
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Highway to Hull


This weekend (the one just gone) was spent in Hull due to a weekend of bowling. Saturday I was bowling in the Hull trios, and cheerleading/gambling during the Hull quads the next day. Unfortunately, due to an illness, I bowled with a 105 temperature on the Saturday.

“But wait!” All you regular readers scream. “Wasn’t Hull that tournament whereby you have to dress up?” But of course. So what did I wear for the trios? Our team decided on Austin Powers, and as such, I became Dr. Evil. Unfortunately, whilst Dr. Evil is known for his ability to create masterful plans to destroy the world in a chaotic but satirically humourous ways, he is not known for his bowling skills. My 105 temperature, ill fitting bald wig, and none of the good karma rubbing off on me meant that – save a rather impressive (not in the score, just in the way I bowled) 121 game – none of my games were over 100. So our team didn’t make it through to the next round, unlike the other two Liverpool teams, Flintstones and Mario’s Allstars (featuring S as the Princess).

In the end, the two Liverpool teams met in the final, with Mario’s Allstars coming out on top. I was pleased for S, who walked (with great difficulty) from the tournament with enough beer to wipe out the ostrich population off the face of the earth. It was ages before that that I got changed into more appropriate wares.

Yes, after 3pm on Saturday I had to wear my Welsh top, to support the boys in their quest to become Grand Slam winners for the first time in 27 years. And would you Adam and Eve it, they did it. By tanking Ireland 32-20, Wales sealed a memorable victory in a Six Nations Championship that promised to be close. I’d love to say I went out and got hammered, but I drunk 1 and a half pints, ate a few chips, and felt ill. So, in Wales’ finest hour since the last time we beat England at anything, I was tucked up in my hotel room watching Match of the Day with a box of tissues.

For my nose, perverts.

It’s such a shame I wasn’t well for the tournament, as it really put a dampner on the weekend. It’s certainly the last tournament we go to whereby we stay in a hotel, which is such a shame, as everybody else appeared to have been fun. I must of been so boring in comparison. Nevertheless, they accommodated me, and for that I am greatful.

I return home for Easter on Wednesday, as I’ve still got a bit of Final Year Project to get on with. Speak to you all soon!

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