March 14th, 2005
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Maybe….Just Maybe


Though I was stuck in a train during the (supposedly excellent) first half, I did manage to catch the second half of the Wales victory which means (after an Irish loss) that Wales are top of the group. The maths are simple, only a Wales astronomical loss to Ireland or Wales losing and France beating Italy by a large amount (more likely) can stop Wales from taking the Six Nations. Should, on the other hand, Wales beat the Irish, then we will win our first grand slam for nearly 30 years.

Do you believe in miracles?

In other news: any blokes out there discover that their voice goes a lot higher, girlier and more patronising whenever they are on the phone to thier spouses? I cannot explain it either, but I suppose in the male psyche, they think that women are beneath them, and they won’t understand such brainwashing concepts as gambling, why we insist on buying the Sun, and – most importantly – the offside rule. I hate to say I am also guilty of this, as my mum now knows that when my voice goes half an octave higher, and my ‘conversation’ is filled with words such as “aaawwww”, “yeah I know” and “hunnie”, she knows I’m speaking to S. I dunno, any explinations why we do this? Is it that women have a higher band of frequencies they can hear, or what?

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