March 26th, 2005
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Nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh wow wow wooooooooooow*


So, anybody see Doctor Who then?

For the unitiated (mainly American) audience, Doctor Who is this guy who travells through time in something that resembles a phone box. Like Bill and Ted, Dr. Who is sent to save the world from all manner of alien beings. Unlike Bill and Ted, it takes itself fairly seriously. It was famous in the mid sixties for scaring kids as the aliens were pretty scary. The most famous were Daleks, who – despite being evil – couldn’t navigate stairs.

To be fair, I only caught around 20 minutes of this – due to me being on the phone to an internet-less S, so I cannot really judge. But when have I not given my opinion? To be honest, I’ve never liked Doctor Who, it’s a Sci-Fi for thick people, what with many aliens and very little scientific jiggery pokery behind it. Also, why is every alien in the known universe hell bent on destroying us? Not one alien is a good guy in Doctor Who. Intergalactic xenaphobia is not a good thing, and the BBC is promoting it.

But yeah, returning to my 20 minute review of the program. It was okay, and the aliens were actually quite scary, but meh. Didn’t sell me. Which is unfortunate, considering how much the BBC have been pushing it down our throats within the last week or so. Seriously. When Eamonn Holmes doing the lottery from the Tardis, you know a show has been hyped to the max.

Just a shame for me it didn’t deliver.

In retrospect, for any BBC bosses watching, here are 10 shows that should be brought back in order to boost ratings. Seriously.

So, Mr BBC, if you are reading this, I request – as a licence fee payer – to bring back all these shows. If you do, I will love you forever. Cheers.

* This is my attempt at the Doctor Who theme. Yes I know it’s shite.

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