March 27th, 2005
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Row, row, row your boat…..


Sport is supposed to be fun, for both competitors and spectators. However, today was the one sport that is even more boring than F1: -

The boat race.

For the unitiated (again, largely American) audience, the boat race is this. Oxford and Cambridge University teams each enter a team to race a four mile course along the Thames in London. That’s it. No bells, no whistles. Just two posh teams rowing against each other.

I’ve never understood why the whole nation has to be dragged into the rivalry of Oxford and Cambridge public school boys in their boats, but – by god – drawn in we are. This year curteosy of ITV, who have been hawking the fact they have the boat race almost as much as BBC’s Doctor Who coverage.

Why can’t other teams enter? Sure some of the Liverpool lot could, given a few long days on the Mersey, give the southern toffs a run for their money. I reckon it’s the fact that neither Oxford or Cambridge have strong Ten Pin Bowling teams. That’s the reason.

I suppose I should mention what I’ve been upto recently, as the recent posts suggest nothing. Okay. I arrived back from Liverpool to sunny Colwyn Bay last Wednesday, and have been juggling my life since then with the occasional socialising, writing a 7500 word thesis for my final year project, and serving ice cream to rowdy kids in the Zoo. Thank fuck the weather’s been poor, as we’ve been relatively quiet.

It’s not all doom and gloom. My mum, realising that the house is far less interesting with me in it, has decided to purchase Sky TV! Brilliant! 140 channels, and I can watch the wrestling, and half the shows mentioned in the last post. How cool is that?

But, to sum up, my life is pretty dull for you lot at the moment, so that’s why blogging hasn’t necessarily been about me, is that such a bad thing?

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