April 12th, 2005
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Good As New, Good As New, G.G.G.G.Good As New!


Heya everybody. Due to the fact that my thesis is due (incidentally, it’s nearly finished, and will not be hitting the 10,000 word barrier. Result!) in in a few short days means that this post is bitty. It’s not going to be good, just some random observations.

Firstly, I went down to town on Sunday, largely due to a quite disturbing Subway craving. After finishing off my steak and cheese melt (and getting the eye from one of the clerks, because I could pronounce chipotle sauce correctly – she said “Half the unlearned swines who come in here don’t know a sauce passed ketchup”), I headed into one of two centres, where a voice boomed over the PA system:-

“Should you require wheelchair assistance, please make your way to the disabled information booth, located on the top floor of this building….”

Anybody else see quite a fundamental flaw in this? I’m sorry, but it just seems a bit strange. Surely you could put like…I don’t know….the Body Shop (no sick pun intended by the way, just to clear it up) on the top floor, whilst putting the information booth on the bottom. I’m sure that if people wanted their scented soaps, and pumpkin seeds, I’m sure they can navigate an escalator, rather than having a granny in a wheelchair doing a version of the wheelchair based Krypton Factor assault course. I dunno, maybe there is a point, and I’m missing it like Linus misses his blanket. This usually is the case, and some smart alec who’s never seen this site disproves me in the comments. So comment away bitches!

An advert doing the rounds on student (i.e. daytime) television is the one for Cillit Bang. The advert is a work of genius, with the irrepressible Barry Scott asking you if you have problems with limescale, rust, and ground in dirt, before shilling his product. It’s a great introduction to a great advert, so much so that everybody should have a similar introduction on TV (“Hi, Jerry Springer here asking you if you have problems with marriage, sex, lesbian kittens….”). Anyway, the advert has got a bit of a cult following, including a very, very funny dance remix, which has to be seen to be believed.

Right, that’s me done for now, best be getting into university. But, as a special treat, here’s Avril in a bikini.

Oh you would. Daily, nightly, and ever so rightly…..

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