April 25th, 2005
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Let he who is without sin kick the first ass!


Last night – as a mid-stress season break – me and a few of my mates went on the lash to the Raz. The Raz – the dirtiest, dingiest pub/nightclub in Liverpool, which makes it student heaven – is very wierd, as sometimes I have great nights, other times I hate it. Last night, I wasn’t so sure. I seemed to be a bit in the upper middling area. Did win a bit of cash on the fruities, so the night had a nice tinge to it (not telling you how much, but it went quite a bit of a way to getting a second hand mobile phone). Nevertheless, I got very drunk (more on that later), but a few observations of the night.

  • At one of my trips to the gamblers, I got speaking to two people who were ‘Raz virgins’. We were cordial, and chatting for a good ten minutes. They’re names? Barry and Scott. Yes. I was thinking asking them if they had problems with Limescale, Rust and/or Ground in Dirt.
  • I dunno whether it’s a subconcious thing, but ever since I’ve started going out with S, I’ve found myself to be more chatty with members of the opposite sex. Last night I had three girls just randomly started chatting to me during the night. I think it was actually quite blokey conversation, instead of ‘trying to impress so they may give me a snog’ conversation. I distinctly remember talking about the Raz toilets (which are disgusting). Such an ice breaker me. It did work, as one of them used me as a temporary boyfriend – to try and get rid of this bloke – and I got a hug and a kiss on the cheek out of it. Result!
  • I don’t remeber actually being to badly wasted. I think I was relatively sober. Nevertheless, I woke up with a massive hangover, wearing last nights clothes, and – quite disturbingly – upside down. My feet were by my headboard, and vice versa. How the jeebus I managed that I have no idea.

As mentioned, I bought a new phone today. It is the Sony Ericsson T610. Quite old, but it’s got a camera and bluetooth, so I’m happy. Been playing around with it all day. Anyway, one of the coolest things on this phone is “themes”, which present your phone in a cool way. Long story short, I’ve got a super mario world background and screensaver, but changed the ringtone to my personal ringtone of choice – Ken’s Street Fighter 2 theme.

Finally, in this bitty post, the Family Guy Season 4 Premiere has been leaked, and I managed to see it. All I can say is that it is really, really, really funny. It’s classic Family Guy stuff, with obscure references, very wrong scenes (the Pinnochio scene: if you laugh, you will go to hell. I’ll see you there), and some of the bit players have come back in bigger roles (such as Ollie Williams The Black Weatherman – Clip 2 on this site). I’m not going to say “download it”, as I’ll get into trouble, but if you can get somebody else to find it, download it, and let you watch it, that’s fair game in my book.

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