April 5th, 2005
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Passing The Buck


I’ve been struggling with blogging the past few days, kind of like how a three year old struggles with a knife and fork, or your average chav struggles with basic maths and diction. Lucky for me then that Ally threw a question in my general direction. I’ve decided to take time out of packing for my impending return to answer this as best as possible.

Yes, best as possible. It may come as a suprise to a few of you that I generally don’t read much (S can attest to that). As such, the answers will be shorter than most, and I won’t reference books – if I can help it. And help it I can.

Have You Ever Had A Crush On A Fictional Character?

Here’s where I can help it. I’m not going for a book fictional character, as I don’t read many books, and most the books I’ve read are autobiographies, and not many females are in them generally anyway. As such, here is my all time favourite in terms of attractiveness fictional character.

Futurama’s Leela. How can you not find her hot? The world’s most perfect mutated, kick ass, nicely racked female from the 4th Millenia is my fictional crush because in Futurama she seems not a girly girl, so I don’t have to buy her chocolates and flowers. Plus, should she accidentally swallow some viagra, I get to crack “stiff one-eye” jokes, result!

The last book you bought is:

Fuck knows. Seriously. I have no idea when the last book bought was. I’d probably say it was a book on Flash to use in my job last year. Either that or the Wrestlecrap book. Almost bought The Da Vinci Code in a shameful bandwagon jumping move.

Ooooh. Just remembered. Bought Minipops for my brother for Christmas. Does that count?

The last book you read:

Again, probably that Wrestlecrap book. Managed to read it in around 3 hours as well. Couldn’t put it down to be fair.

Five Three books you would take to a deserted island:

I’d also include some boat building and naval seafaring book, to get off the bastard island.

There you have it. I nominate all of the Liverpool bloggers to do this next. They seem to be struggling with content.

Whether they can be arsed is a different matter.

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