April 3rd, 2005
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Prim and Proper


Today, in sheer coincidence, myself, Ian and S recieved our bumpf from Liverpool University (if any other Liverpool students recieved their gear today (2nd April), please let me know) regarding our graduation. Once I sorted the stuff that was useful from stuff that was just the University trying to bleed us dry one last time, I realised two things.

Firstly, the University is very pompus, redbrick, and believes in grandure. We have to import our gown and mortarboard from some place in Cambridge, appointed by HRH as the official gown hire place….thingy. Anyway, we have to order it from this place, and should we want a DVD, order it from that place, and have the official graduate meal here, and so on. My thesis is on a project we did creating a DVD, and the thought of undercutting the company did cross my mine. As for the meal? Well, we’re going to the Liver Bar with our parents and eating pizza and drinking £1.20 beer, whilst we still can on a warm Tuesday afternoon. Sorry, but I don’t do stuck up, so I’m avoiding as much pomp as possible, as if it was some sort of pompus plague.

The second thing is the exact opposite. A fair amount of my course are salt of the earth scouse types. They dress like chavs, but are not. They’re intelligent, hard working and not utter gits. However, they do look like them with tracksuits on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Which is what I’ve come to associate them in.

So, come July 5th, I will see them in non standard tracksuits. It will look wierd, like when you first saw Kurt Angle without hair.

Sorry for the wek entry, i’m pissed, tired, and want to finish this before bed. That make me a drunken lethargic workaholic? Well, I suppose it does.

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