April 6th, 2005
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Say What You See….


One of the joys of the recently accquired sky is the amount of channels you get. Okay, after midnight they either become poker tournaments (good) or boring telephone ‘hot’ lines (not so good), but for a good proportion of the day they are filled with all sorts of hidden gems.

The best channel I’ve found is Challenge, a channel that holds all sorts of gameshows from recent to distant past. Pretty much all the gameshows mentioned on this post are on it. Including a game called Catchphrase. In it people have to guess what the famous phrase is using the picture clue (say, for example, the picture is the word ‘time’ written inside the word ‘just’, the phrase would be ‘just in time’. Dygeddit?).

Now you know how to play this, just imagine what was going through my sick perverted little mind when this came up early last week…..

Answers on a postcard (or the comment box). I’ll post the answer soon…..

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