April 10th, 2005
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Silly Bugger Saturday


April 9th, 2005 will forever be known as “Silly Bugger Saturday” the day in which three housemates, with little much else to do, throw logic completely out of the window.

You see, I started out with a plan to end all plans. Thanks to the lovely people at Nuts (one of the reason Nuts are lovely is just to the right of this article) and the fact that I had some dormant money on some online bookmakers, I had a few quid (think total of £9) to spend on the Grand National. Gratis.

Well, that was the plan.

You see, with me watching the BBC’s coverage of the big race, although fantastic, but is a bitch as it starts putting doubts in my head. The fact that most, if not all of my horses had a poor chance of winning. I thought, “Fuck it! I’m not sitting for 15 minutes watching a bunch of horses going around without giving myself a sporting chance, lets see who Barker, Balding, Piggott and (for some reason) Parrott are nodding towards.”.

Firstly was some horse called Forrest Gunner. It was a big thing that the jockey could be the first female winner of the Grand National, so – like half of the country – I put some money on it. It came a good, but not good enough 5th.

Secondly was this horse called Clan Royal. If you are unaware, there was a Royal wedding yesterday (which I missed, because there was some paint drying on some other channel). Normally, I would bat this off to just a bit of similarity, but not this year.

“It’s a sign! It’s an omen!” I was shouting.

“It’s a coincidence…..” Was heard when the horse pulled up.

So, all in all, a pretty shitty day. Did a lot on my thesis though, the only problem being now is that the 10,000 word upper limit could be hit very, very, soon.

Oh, and the answer to the last post was actually “One hand on the job.”. Nice to see nobody was as perverted as I was (yes, even S wasn’t. She pulls suprises on me sometimes!).

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