April 21st, 2005
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We are the Champions


Bugger me that was fast.

Either they read this website, or our angry phone call was well recieved, but the LiveBox came quicker than a 15 year old watching Eurotrash.

Ahem. Where was I?

Oh yes. If you read other blogs, you will know that last weekend was the Liverpool Trios tournament. After two years of being in the bowling team, this was my last chance do get a trophy. My team to hopefully accomplish this feat? Myself, S and Jen. Collectively known as Liverpool 3.

Things didn’t start too well, as it was Sunday morning. Our game against the blinds (blind bowling guarentees you points, you just need to bowl as much as possible) was average. Nevertheless, we picked up, winning the next few games. One of these games I scored a 178, my personal best. We must be a dead cert for the next round, right?


I buckled big time in the last game against Manchester, causing our team to finish second in the league. Luckily, due to our previous form, we scraped through to the second round as 8th seed. Meaning that in order to qualify we had to beat all of our 2nd round opponents.

Teeside was relatively straightforward, I put in another high score of 177 (I missed the pins on the last frame, so it should of been higher). Then a game against the Manchester team we faced in the first round. We beat them. Finally Sheffield, who stood between us and a guarenteed trophy.

I think I should mention just how important this was to me. At bowling, I have never been considered to be any good. In fact, I’ve been proping up the league all of last year. I have also never missed a bowling wednesday (discounting the wednesday just gone), and would of loved a trophy.

Despite my buckling, the team all picked up, and we beat Sheffield on the last ball.

Due to our win, we were seeded first for the tournament, which meant we could finish no lower than second. Could there be a fairytale ending, the relatively shit kid from Colwyn Bay picking up the big one, and winning the whole damn thing?

Alas no. One of the opposition put in a scary 295 handicapped score.

But you try and wipe the smile from my face.

Okay, it may be made of plastic, and hollowed out to buggery, but it’s the first trophy I’ve won for sporting endeavour since I picked up the Cub Scout Football Challenge: 1st Place in 1993. 1993! George Bush Snr. was President, Britpop hadn’t even started, and the Internet was restricted to a few universities.

I’m not being arrogent, but I think I’ve waited long enough….

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