May 5th, 2005
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Can’t Beat a bit of (Istan)bully….


You have no idea just how happy this picture makes me feel.

Even as a – so called – ‘Scum’ supporter, I was cheering Liverpool on. It was exciting wasn’t it? The battle of Britain. Liverpool – which encompasses everything that’s right about football against Chelsea – a team that encompasses everything wrong with football. Final score; Liverpool 1, Chelsea 0.

All in all, was an okay day for me. Watching that match was so exciting, an excitement I haven’t felt in a long time. Don’t know why. Maybe the fact that a city which I’ve lived in for three years and counting are now amongst the European elite. It kind of makes me proud.

Mourinho was an arse though after the game, saying “the better team lost”. Yeah, they did. However the better team lost in the 3 previous meetings this season between the clubs. The goal was questionable, yeah, but so have been Chelsea’s goals in at least one of the premiership clashes. Karma? Oh, indeedy.

Good night was had by all, I rang Ian to congratulate him on the win. He got tickets to the game. Bastard.

Luckily he wasn’t the only one celebrating a win during the game.

£25 jackpot. Ding dang do!

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