May 24th, 2005
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Fuck Me I’m Famous


Big thanks to Jacob for pointing out my little quote on the Beeb’s website, a whole paragraph as well right at the end. I’ve been reading that article for a good few times over, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it is me, for 3 simple reasons:-

  • My name’s Rhys,
  • I’m from Colwyn Bay,
  • I wrote the email to the website.

I’ve been trying to infiltrate the BBC’s website for many years now (both fair means and foul), so I’m smiling when I saw that. I’ve never been quoted before.

I’ve always stood up as the best reason for blogging is Personal Blogging. Maybe I’m biased here, whilst other sorts of blogs are all well and good, but to put your entire life, who you are, your beliefs on the internet is no mean feat. Getting people to read is even more of an achievement. But I believe one of the better – if slightly unpublicised – reasons for blogging is quite simply to keep in touch.

You see, me and S went on a touristy day in Liverpool (which became known as “The Liverpool Photo Tourâ„¢”), it was whilst we were in the Cavern club that she said that she will be unlikely to see her ex-boyfriend (for whom she was with for a good few years) again. This isn’t like a hysterical, 15 year old, first boyfriend splitting up. This was like deadly serious. The ex, without delving too much into detail, is quite difficult to get hold of. As such, somebody who you shared that much of your life, who you are still relatively good friends with, is going to walk out of her life.

I don’t know what it feels like to have an ex dissappear like that – it probably will happen to me (though hopefully not with S), but that comment made me think about why I – personally – chose to blog. I’m not seeing S for a large proportion of the summer, it may be an unworkable relationship as such. However, I know that – if she keeps blogging – I have a means of talking to her. E-mail and MSN are all well and good, but sometimes they are written in such a short-formed way that it is illegible (my mum is guilty of this). Ian is another one I won’t be seeing much off over the next few months. However, thanks to his blog, I’ll know he’ll be cheering on Liverpool, visiting Baracuda, and getting Eddie to take photos (though I knew he’d be doing so anyway). I hardly spoken to Potter much in the last 12 monts, but I already know that he is well and truly okay, and very happy. By them having an outlet to say “This is me, this is what I did, this is what I thought”, I know exactly what’s going on, and – whilst a proximity way of keeping in touch through a third party – it’s an excellent thing to do.

I guess what this piece is trying to achieve is to urge those of you who are not blogging to do so. Blogging is a fantastic way of communicating your thoughts in the only truly democractic way possible. Nevermind what those naysayers say, you will have interest in your blog, given time. Those of you who are already blogging, I urge to keep doing so (especially if you are anybody I know, as it’s far easier for me to keep in touch). You don’t have to launch into a 10 side tirade when you blog, just short, concise paragraphs. Usually these are better. To do so will let the world know that your life is still here, and what you are upto.

Sorry about the tirade, but – after all, this is my blog….

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