May 15th, 2005
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If I can be serious for a minute…..


….tomorrow, I unnofficially finish university.

At approximately 12:30 tomorrow, or whenever I finish my Advanced Database Management exam (more on that a little later), Liverpool University will say something like “that’s all Rhys”. No more university for me. No more living life as a student. I graduate in July, but tomorrow marks my transition from “student” to “unemployed” (discounting the zoo, which starts in two weeks).

I’m currently on a relatively safe 2:1. The project, the C++ and the exam I had on Thursday (which, I thought went well) should pretty much guarentee that – if I pass the exam tomorrow – I’ve a good 2:1, possibly even a first.

The sticky point is tomorrow.

You see, this exam is a pain. I’ve tried and tried and tried revision for it over and over again, and it could be nice (it has a very definite structure to it). However, it’s the only module I’ve sat that is 100% exam, and all the questions are long answers. I don’t know what to expect. I graduate regardless this summer (you are allowed to fail 1 module of 15%, assuming I pass the Thursday exam, which I’m pretty sure of), but should I fail this exam tomorrow, my degree becomes the awful sounding “ordinary”.

I don’t want to fall at the last hurdle, I know I can pass this exam, it’s just a large majority of the exam is tricky. To be fair, the lectures were at awful times (4 in the afternoon, and 10 in the morning), and the lecturer didn’t exactly convey interest. I’m usually switched off for them, and any attempt to follow them was forgotten, especially as the project has put a huge dent in my lecture going activities.

I’ve done as much as I can, and tomorrow is one of the most important days of my university career. Do I fly like an eagle? Or crash and burn?

Wish me luck….

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