May 11th, 2005
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That’s Gotta Leave A Mark


Usually it takes something extrodinary to talk about football on this blog, but I think this warrants it:-

Arsenal 7 – 0 Everton

For those of you who are unaware, Everton are not some bargain basement team. Everton are, officially, the fourth best team in the country. Everton are a team who, despite my Manchester United roots, I support. Everton will be going to the Champions League ahead of Liverpool, even though Liverpool are in the final.

And tonight, they got beat 7 – 0.

A few more stats: Everton registered just 2 shots (both off target) compared to Arsenal’s 20, 13 of them were on target. Corners were 4 to Arsenal, 2 to Everton, and nobody sent off (which made it even harder to swallow – if it was 11 vs. 8 or 9, then it’s understandable). But the most shocking fact is this: 81% percent of the game, Arsenal had the ball.

For most games, it’s at most 60%-40%. Literally translates that, in a 90 minute game, 73 of those minutes were controlled by Arsenal.

To be honest, it changes nothing (Everton did field a weaker squad). Sure, there’ll be outcry from Liverpool fans who feel they should be in the competition, citing the fact that if Everton lose on Saturday, they’ll be the first team to qualify for the champions league with a negative goal difference.

Before you ask, yes I did watch the game. Reason number 21 to avoid revision.

The exams tomorrow.


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