May 10th, 2005
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Things That I Have Done Today To Avoid Revision


Why does everything seem more important when I’m revising? Why? It’s a curse of mine. Makes me like Dave Gorman, I suppose.

Anyway, the big list of things I have done today to avoid revision:-

  1. Eaten TWO bowls of cereal. Two! Normally only eat one.
  2. Watched The People’s Court.
  3. Texted into The People’s Court.
  4. Started learning XSL and XML.
  5. Went down to the university library to read a book on XSL and XML. Didn’t rent it out, just took some notes.
  6. Played Counter Strike.
  7. Got frustrated with Counter Strike. Played TFC.
  8. Got frustrated with TFC. Played Counter Strike.
  9. Had a bowl of soup in front of Brainteaser.
  10. Rang into the competition of Brianteaser….
  11. …..twice.
  12. Started making my new website, using knowledge of XSL and XML.
  13. Began downloading the second episode off Family Guy season 4.
  14. Tried to see how fast I could do Green Hill Zone, Act 1 in on Sonic The Hedgehog (current time: 29s)
  15. Showered.
  16. Contemplated making Bread & Butter pudding.
  17. Looked up reciepe for Bread & Butter pudding.
  18. Decided I couldn’t be arsed making Bread & Butter pudding.
  19. Googlebombed a website with the words superficial cunts.
  20. Write a blog entry entrusting you all to do the same.

All in all, a productive day. Tonight, S is coming over for tea, and I may go and watch Man U vs. Chelsea.

Though, knowing me, something more important will come up.

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